Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dumb Dumbs

From left to right: Julia Cumming, Rachel Trachtenburg, Olivia Ferrer 
A couple of weeks ago, I celebrated Rachel Trachtenburg’s Super Sweet 18th birthday and simultaneously the reveal of her band, Supercute!’s new music video for their single, "Dumb Dumbs." There are so many reasons why I love Supercute! The band often gets pegged as an indie bubblegum band, but they also have all whole other side that goes much deeper than that. Their latest single, "Dumb Dumbs," is no exception. Every line of the song juxtaposes a type of candy with some kind of contraband. Besides the fact that the Supercute!’s writes all of the songs themselves, the Supercute! girls also have the best vibes and are always hand-making parts of their wardrobe for when they perform and go on tour. Rachel even makes these mushroom hair clips that she wears and sometimes sells. Yet underneath all of the sugarcoated cuteness, at the core is a message that we can all relate too, so its no surprise that they’ve already toured with Kate Nash. If you didn't already love them, Supercute! takes their song messages further by being activists in things like Slut Walk NYC, which I am personally a big fan of.
The party was held at ACME studios in Brooklyn. Although ACME is technically a prop studio, it really felt more like someone's rad loft rather than workspace. For starters, all the lighting in the studio was made out of Christmas lawn ornaments. There was taxidermy and doll mannequins staged everywhere. Even the bathroom was made cool with a line of demarcation splitting half the room decorated ornately in gold and the either side in black. The studio had a kitchen where artists' work hung prominently around, and even a totally pyschedelic loft space where a mod swivel chair cascading from the ceiling. On one wall of the studio, a giant lava-lamp video was being projected. Basically, I want to live there… 

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