Saturday, January 21, 2012


Too kewl 4 the papparazzi
Keith Haring-y eye shirt by UNIF, thrift polka-dot dress, telephone barrette, Houndstooth backpack from eBay

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  1. Hey there! Love your post and how you intertwined Glee (:

    Congrats on the Huffington Post!! I'm just wondering how you got to blog for them because I've looked into it but they never emailed me back.


  2. LOVE the Haring shirt, it is ruling so hard. And WOAAAAH! Huffington Post?! That's insane! I love your post too.

  3. Super cute outfit! Big fan of keith haring and also of glee! Now, let's read your piece for the huffington post! (You are such a great writer!) And about boys, I totally agree!

  4. I had to stop & comment on your tshirt because I have a similar lunchbox! Too cool!

    Congrats on the HuffPo blogging, I am so jealous! That's awesome!

  5. You have got a brilliant blog! Great post too! Very inspired! You're pretty impressive! Looking forward to more posts and have a great week!!! :-) :-) :-)


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