Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thrifting on a Snowy Day

Search and Destroy, 25 St. Marks Place
For particular types of items, I like Search and Destroy for thrifting. Despite its d├ęcor (think spikes, chains, and the occasional clown) the clothes within the store are actually pretty rad and have a British Punk vibe to them.  There are also always racks of faux fur coats there that I want. This time it was a little black pea coat with a leopard Peter Pan collar. But I was really shopping for a sweater that day (which they certainly seem to have surplus of). The one downside of Search and Destroy is the way they pack so many things onto one rack, making it extremely difficult to see what’s there. I did see lots of striped sweaters for $15, but stripes always seem to be my weakness, and I certainly do not need one more in my wardrobe.           
On their $20 rack I found this blue swing coat with a stark white fur hood. I can’t particularly tell what the design sewn on the bottom is (perhaps it’s of children skiing?); it was quite adorable.
If you're in need of creepers shoes, 90's hiking boots, or serious platforms they have that, too. These British flag ones up top are having a total Spice Girls moment.

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  1. Emma, I read your e-mail -- and actually, I have been following your blog as well. I just checked it a day ago :) I think you have a good sense of style and the entries are interesting.

  2. if the gods answer my prayers and i do end up going to college in NYC you are taking me SHOPPING SHOPPING SHOPPING


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