Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bookmarc It

 Bookmarc, 400 Bleecker Street
Marc Jacobs is an entrepreneurial genius. Not only do the branches of his stores dominate lower Bleecker Street, but he has spread his brand making it available not only to fashion-conscious women, but to men and children alike; within a three block radius there’s Marc by Marc Jacobs women’s, children’s, men’s, and accessories stores lining the street. However, my favorite addition is Bookmarc which opened in September on the corner of Bleecker and West 11th (1 short block from Carrie Bradshaw’s townhouse, for you Sex and the City fans).  The cleverly named bookstore replaced the former Biography Book Shop, but sells more coffee table-style books than novels fit for a road trip. Don’t get me wrong though, those items curated for the store are spot on with the Marc Jacobs aesthetic and feel as if Marc himself picked them out. A mixture of iconic art, music, and fashion, items sold in-store range from books with photography chronicling Joni Mitchell or John Lennon to a biography of Oprah Winfrey.
A lot of the items in the store are geared towards students. For example, the MJ pencil cases and cheeky notebooks that say things like “Moby’s Dick (LOL)” or “Breakfast at Bleecker Street," and better yet, "My Grapes of Wrath Are Tasty And Delicious." I think my favorite item in the store, however, was a straw tote bag which had a map connecting all of Marc’s stores from Georgia to Paris. The picture above is of bandanas I found displayed around the store that had been used as wrapping paper; I would be thrilled if I was given a gift neatly hidden inside a Marc Jacobs shell. What a neat-o gift idea! Yes, I can say neat-o seriously...

  ALSO, there’s been quite a bit of speculation over at Racked NY whether or not Marc is opening a restaurant in Upper Manhattan.  I hope it’s true because I wouldn’t mind getting to taste a bit of his fashion empire. 
Magnolia Bakery, 401 Bleecker Street

Located directly across the street is Magnolia Bakery. As it was a bitter cold night, I stopped in for a coffee and one of their Christmas cupcakes (complete with sugar snowmen and sleighs). It was unusually quiet there that night, atypical of the bakery as on most nights lines are pouring out onto the sidewalk. Candycane stripes wrapped around the beams, the glowing beads of lights framed the window, and the sweet smell of cakes in the air—it all felt sort of picturesque like a cottage at Christmas time in a bucolic setting.  
H&M polka-dot sweater, thrift-store-found denim jacket with shearling accents, La Canadienne boots, American Apparel skirt.
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  1. Those notebooks are super funny!!!! Also, I wish that pic wasn't so blurry because your outfit was ADORABLE

  2. Magnolia's cupcakes are the best in the world


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