Saturday, October 10, 2009

Raiding Closets

The best type of artwork is that which is unexpected.
Imagine yourself in a large open loft-like space with hundreds of racks; color-coordinated in a vintage heaven. This is exactly what Beacon's Closet (88 North 11th street), a local Williamsburg favorite, embodies.Beacon's Closet offers those of us looking to buy, sell, or trade at thrift store prices the opportunity to do so. The items of the day that I couldn't stop going back to: Jeffrey Campbell lace-up heels, RL oversized plaid sweater, a suede and leather checker board patterned jacket, a delicate lavender cashmere sweater featuring a skull on the back, and lastly a fabulously tight retro-inspired cheetah print summer dress. I wish that I had gotten them all, they were all so truly appealing. But lately I've been trying to consolidate my wardrobe and work with the minimums, so I opted just for the heels.

1 comment:

  1. augh Beacon's <3333

    I do like the Williamsburg location better than park slope in terms of kick ass selection
    but the employees at Park slope tend to have a better disposition
    great blog, dearie!


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